I’m retired Navy SEAL Dr. Chris Sajnog, a Master Training Specialist in the Navy, and was hand-selected to write one of the US Navy SEALs Training Manuals.

After retiring from the Navy in 2009, I earned a master’s (MSc) in Health and Human Performace and a doctorate (D.Sc.) in Applied Educational Neuroscience.

I used this experience and extensive education to develop the SEAL Training System (Science-based, Education for Accelerated Learning) — a fundamental science-based shift to learning any skill. I’m the author of three bestselling books and the owner of Center Mass Group LLC, a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in San Diego, CA.

I’ve always believed that success is a skill that can be learned.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching and mentoring thousands of young men as a Navy SEAL instructor and even as a Cub Scout leader in my community. I’ve led teams across the globe, and I’ve lived on my own in foreign lands. I’ve taken all this experience and used it to coach individuals and teams of all sizes to reach their goals. I’ve had an amazingly successful life, and it’s important to me to be able to teach what I’ve learned to others.

Being an innovative instructor is my passion.

“I never just repeat what I’ve been taught – if I can’t improve it, I won’t teach it.”

I’ve taken the experience I’ve gained as a leader of the training of the world’s most elite warriors and adapted it to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies and civilians from all walks of life. I’ve developed unique kinesthetic learning techniques and improved instructional theories that can help train anyone to perform at their peak level.

“With consistent, perfect practice, you are paving the path to perfection!”

I use original and innovative training techniques in my online training and courses to get results faster than ever before.

Mediocrity is a DISEASE!

I have a passion for health and fitness after seeing so many of my family and friends struggle with diet and exercise. With the right tools and instruction, everyone can live and work at their highest potential – far above the mediocrity of the masses.

My mission here is to see others realize their full potential, achievement, growth, and success – and CURE THE DISEASE OF MEDIOCRITY!

You can learn more about my unique training online at https://chrissajnog.com.

Navy SEAL Approved