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In times of crisis, when your fight-or-flight response kicks in, trust me you won’t be standing in front of your closet thinking about what shirt to wear. Okay, I guess you could if I were talking about being personally attacked and that attack came from your closet. What I’m talking about here is when there is a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe that compels you to get away from your current location. You’re going to grab the first thing you see and GO! Part of my mission is to train and prepare you for such moments and part of being prepared involves having a bug-out-bag (BOB) ready and waiting.

Enter Jeff Anderson, author of Survival Kit – Bug Out Bag, who evaluated hundreds of items you could include in a bug out bag and determined which items are the most essential to have in a crisis situation.

Overall Impression

The guide quickly gets down to business and I like that. If there’s a tornado heading your way in 5 minutes, you have just enough time to read the guide, prep your bag, and drink a cup of coffee before it hits – that’s how easily and quickly you can use this guide. And the short length means you don’t have a good excuse for NOT reading it!.

From the first pages, you will notice the authenticity of his advice is unlike anything else you’ve found and read on the internet about bug out bags. Anderson talks about preparing for events based on his research, testing, and real experience – not hypotheticals.

As promised, the book was short, informative, highly applicable, and instantly actionable.

bug out bag guide

Learn How To Make Your Own B.O.B.

Standout Features

  • It teaches you how to prepare for all types of catastrophic events, not by having a different bag for each case, but by creating a bag that is universal and has you covered for all possible events you could imagine. The only case in which this bag probably wouldn’t work would be if you were directly hit by a meteor or if you woke up in an alien spaceship.
  • A big feature that resonated personally with me was his inclusion of children in your BOB preparations.  As far as I can tell, he is the only survival expert on the internet that includes children in preparation planning and with two of my own at home, this is big.
  • The book goes beyond just selecting items for and packing your bag, but also looks at the months following a catastrophe. He explains what usually happens after a major crisis, including how people react and how they adapt (think new currencies). It also teaches you things that could be useful afterward, like setting animal traps.

What I don’t like

It’s very short. I read a bit each night and finished it in 3 days. I could’ve easily read it in one sitting while I ate lunch or something. Now don’t get me wrong, the guide is filled with great advice, AND my book How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL received many 5-star reviews because it was short. I guess we all just wish we have more of a good thing!


Good news! Jeff hooked me and my team up with a special deal on the guide and some very cool bonuses. You’ll only be out of pocket $27 and the information inside is PRICELESS when there’s an imminent crisis! (Did not to make that rhyme) So saying that “it’s worth the price” would be an understatement. He even offers a 1-YEAR 100% money back guarantee because he knows he delivers advice you cannot find anywhere else.

Navy SEAL Approved?

Should we learn about firearms safety precautions before handling a gun? Yes! Should we also learn about being prepared for a major crisis before being thrown into said crisis? Absolutely! I believe this guide and the information it offers will help you prepare an invaluable bug out bag crucial to your preparedness so, yes, it is Navy SEAL Approved!

bug out bag guide

Learn How To Make Your Own B.O.B.