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LA Police Gear and North American Rescue have teamed up to design some amazing first aid kits to make it easy and affordable for everyone to have all the essentials you need in a compact pouch you can bring with you anywhere.

I’ve been teaching people how to safely and effectively use firearms for nearly 30-years now and I’ve found most people buy the equipment – a gun or a rifle – and think they’re safe – ‘they don’t need any training’ – but with emergency medicine, it’s just the opposite. People that get trained often don’t follow through and buy the first aid kit they need.

Lucky for you (and me) LAPG sent me one to check out!

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Overall Impression

LA Police Gear – North American Rescue Bleeding Control Enhanced First Aid Kit comes with a CAT (or Combat Application Tourniquet) and a QuikClot EMS Dressing. Combine those critical life-saving tools with everything else in this full-featured medical kit, all at an insanely low price, and you’ve got a no-brainer first aid kit to give you the peace of mind that you’ve got all the tools you need to put this medical training to use.


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Standout Features

    • 1x LAPG Quick Pull Medical Pouch
    • 1x C-A-T Tourniquet – Orange
    • 2x Pair Responder Gloves – Large
    • 2x Biohazard Bag – Red
    • 4x Pad Gauze – 4″ X 4″ (1 Pk Of 2)
    • 5x Pad Gauze – 2″ X 2″ (1 Pk Of 2)
    • 1x Quikclot Ems Dressing (Rolled)
    • 1x Duct-Mini Tape – 2″ X 100″
    • 8x Antiseptic Towelette
    • 1x Bleeding Control Instruction Card
    • 1x Responder Trauma Shears – Large
    • 2x Pad Gauze – 5″ X 9″
    • 8x Alcohol Prep Pad
    • 4x Antibiotic Ointment
    • 15x Bandage – 1″ X 3″
    • 4x Instant Hand Sanitizer (Packet)
    • 4x Burn Safetec .Gel – .9 G
    • 1x Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing – 4″ Flat
    • 1x Cpr Microshield Mask

What I Don’t Like

This has been my complaint about every medical kit I’ve ever used in 30-years as a medic. It drives me completely insane and it would be so easy to fix! They don’t give you a diagram of where to put what in each of the little pouches or under the different sized straps. It’s really bad when you get an empty bag to build your own kit, so the good news is that this one comes with everything in its place. I’d recommend taking a picture of how the contents fit into the bag as soon as it arrives, and before you start training with it… You will be training, right?


The full kit costs $89.99. That is higher than if you were to pick up a first-aid kit at Walmart, but this is a clear case of you get what you pay for. Just to get a real CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) it’s about half that price. I think it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you have everything you need to handle any medical emergency in one place.

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Navy SEAL Approved

I had a similar first-aid kit I’ve kept with me for as long as I remember. I built it myself using my 30+ years of experience as a combat medic. After getting this kit, it’s now replaced the kit I built! It’s that good. I truly believe everyone should own at least one of these. Yes, It’s Navy SEAL Approved.

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