Patriot’s Self-Defense Review

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Patriot’s Self-Defense Review
Patriot’s Self-Defense Review
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In a man’s life there comes at least one moment where he is forced into a situation where he have to use aggression to defend himself. You can probably relate to this. Maybe your first fight started in the playground. Or maybe against the high school bully in your school halls. Or it could be when you’re already a full-grown man against a thug in the streets. How confident are you in defending yourself? And more importantly, how confident are you when your loved ones are in danger?

The ability to defend yourself in life-threating situations is a necessary skill you have to learn. It’s as basic as any other life skill like knowing how to drive, to cook and to read. But not everyone has the time and dedication to train martial arts in a dojo. Then master hundreds of moves that are not always applicable to real life situations. That is why if you are looking for a practical system than can help you learn how to defend yourself in a couple of hours then I recommend you grab a copy of The Patriot’s Self-Defense.

This book is a no non-sense defense system that teaches you the right techniques to avoid getting hurt and at the same time eliminate threat the shortest amount of time possible.

The man behind The Patriot’s Self-Defense is Bruce Perry. He hails from Bronx, New York and has years of experience as a security contractor and martial arts trainer. Bruce has trained hundreds air marshals and bodyguards. He is also experienced in training government operatives that secure the safety important dignitaries and famous celebrities.

What Bruce Perry teaches is not the typical karate chops and roundhouse kicks. The Patriot’s Self Defense offers practical defense techniques to real-life situations like the basic knowledge of the human anatomy to know exactly when and how to hit your opponent for maximum damage.

The Patriot’s Self-Defense contains 250 pages of extensive easy-to-follow instructions on different life-threating situations like surprise attacks, multiple attackers and defense against weapons.

What I like most about it is the essential mental strategies included in the book. That’s because mental focus is very important, even if you know what to do to eliminate the threat but suddenly you froze or panic then how good is your skills if you can’t use it. And most of the times the ability to recognize and act on threats before it hits you is what separates you from dying or saving your life.

Don’t worry about how all the techniques are done because included in the book are instructional videos. Each video serves as a visual guide so you can apply the techniques at your own pace.

You will also get a Strike Zone Map that lays out every vulnerable part of the human body that you can exploit. One blow to this strike zone can immediately stun, immobilize and even knock out your opponent.

Lastly, you get many useful bonuses to complete your training. These include manuals on “drop and flop” fighting techniques, psychology of violence, secret fitness exercises and a comprehensive report that teaches women how to fight.

The Patriot’s Self-Defense basically provides you all the necessary techniques to prepare you against unexpected danger. Grab a copy now so you can start your training. Self-defense is a valuable life skill and I definitely recommend that you take the effort to learn it.

Retired Navy SEAL Dr. Chris Sajnog, a Master Training Specialist in the Navy, was hand-selected to write the US Navy SEAL Sniper Manual. After retiring from the Navy in 2009, he earned a master’s (MSc) in Health and Human Performace and a doctorate (D.Sc.) in Applied Educational Neuroscience.

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