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Blue Guns from Ring’s Manufacturing offers the widest selection of the most detailed non-lethal training aids available today. All products are exact castings of the actual weapons used for Law Enforcement and Military training. Blue Guns are the most realistic and safe alternative to using live firearms in training scenarios.

ring's blue training gun

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The core features are:

  • Hand crafted in strong impact resistant polyurethane
  • Blue Guns replica handguns will function in high security holsters for safe draw stroke training and gun retention drills
  • Rail guns will accept mounted accessories
  • Each Blue Gun is fabricated in Law Enforcement Blue for safety
  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York

Blue Guns is not weight. It is a plastic replica safely used for firearm training. And there are no moving parts in it.

When I run courses I always use Blue Guns. I can teach so much more content than I can without having to stop the line,make sure everything is safe and then show some thing that usually doesn’t require seeing a bullet impact paper. Once you realize that pulling the trigger is only one of hundreds of things to work on during dry training, you’ll quickly see the benefits of adding a blue gun to your toolbox.They function in high security holsters for safe draw stroke training and gun retention drills,plus the rails will accept mounted accessories.

I have several of Ring’s pistols, plus a carbine that I use for everything from CQC training to practicing barricades and transitioning to and from hand-to-hand fighting.Once you start using one you’ll find you can get a lot more training done in a shorter amount of time, plus you don’t need to keep them locked up from the kids!

Get Your Blue Training Gun On Amazon