Segway miniPRO Self Balancing Transporter Review

segway minipro review

$536.65 $699.00

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Segway miniPRO Self Balancing Transporter Review
Segway miniPRO Self Balancing Transporter Review
$536.65 $699.00
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Segway miniPRO Self Balancing Transporter is a two-wheel device used for transportation that was invented by an American entrepreneur by the name of Dean Kamen. It’s generally used as a means for people to relax and have fun, but some people actually saw better uses. They supplied postmen and even police officers with these two-wheel transporters. I got mine just for fun!

The one that I bought supports 220 lbs., can go as fast as 10 mph, and supposedly can traverse 14 miles but I haven’t tested that last part. For a device that runs on electrical power, I feel that the motor has force. Can easily go up against smaller hills, as long as you don’t try to go too hard on it with the off-road stuff you can pretty much use it anywhere.

A cool thing about it is that it has its own app from where you can control things like the speed, the anti-theft system, and even play with the lights. Yes, this segway has lights on it and makes trick-or-treating with my boys a lot of fun! It has a sturdy constitution and overall, it feels that it’s high quality.

Segway miniPRO Review Self Balancing Transporter

As I mentioned it has its own app, the lights and speed could be easily taken care of with a small remote and a couple of buttons but the principal aspect of it is that you can use it to run diagnostics. In other words, if something’s wrong with your Segway not only that you’ll be notified about it, but it will tell you what the problem is. The only times I’ve had to use this is if you turn on the Segway and it will slowly start to drive away.

It’s very intuitive to learn how it works, you just hop on it, and in a couple of minutes, you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t worry it isn’t as unstable as it looks, it’s very heavy at the base and it’s actually quite a feat to fall off unless you’re trying to do that intentionally or get a wheel caught on something like a curb.

Segways are generally expensive, especially good-quality ones. Undoubtedly this one is of high quality, the materials that it’s made give a good feel and I got to admit it’s damn sturdy. Considering its size no wonder that it supports 220lbs. If you want one of these things its price is reasonable and it’s definitely worth the money.

Two models using the Segway self-balancing transportation

This thing is a bit wide, and it goes pretty fast. At higher speeds, it will throttle you back. I don’t recommend using it in narrow spaces like inside the house and you should definitely watch your kids if they use it (It has a minimum weight requirement too). It might seem like a toy, but its motor is powerful. It’s safe as long as it’s used in open spaces.

As I stated before, Segways are generally expensive, if you want a good quality one that is. The reason why I picked this one is that a lot of people said that it’s definitely worth the money in terms of quality. That turned out to be true. I got my Segway minipro self balancing transporter for $599 on Amazon.

If you were looking for a Segway or you already intended to buy this one, but you weren’t sure, you can go ahead and purchase it. I’m very satisfied with it, this one is a midway pick between those really expensive ones (like in Mall Cop) and the low-quality ones (that start on fire). If you’ve got some discretionary money, then this is definitely Navy SEAL Approved.

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