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Navy SEAL Approved is run by retired Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog. I pride myself on following the same professional journalistic standards and ethics as other reputable publications and maintain editorial independence from my other business operations. I find and test the best gear for readers with complete editorial autonomy, do not make my picks with affiliate relationships in mind, and make product recommendations without regard to advertising, whether I have received free loaner or other product samples or any other business concern. I am, as a company, fiercely proud of the quality and independent nature of my editorial process and work.

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Each of my pieces has dozens, if not hundreds of man-hours of work put into it—usually a lot more than what goes into a typical review on many review blogs and magazines. If readers choose to buy the products I recommend as a result of my research, analysis, interviews, and testing, my work is sometimes (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when you make a purchase. If I pick junk and you return it, I make nothing, and I think that’s a pretty fair system.

You’ll notice I often link to Amazon for making a recommended purchase. I have been Amazon users since before this site existed, and for good reason. Because of the convenience of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping and excellent customer service, I feel it’s the best way for most of us to shop online. If you’d like to support me outside of buying a something I recommend in a guide, you can do so by shopping through any of the following links.

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