The Muse Meditation Headband Review

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This Muse Meditation Headband Review is about a wearable brain-sensing headband. The device measures brain activity via 4 electroencephalographies (EEG) sensors. An accompanying mobile app converts the EEG signal into audio feedback that is fed to the user via headphones.

Muse gives you feedback about your meditation in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. I use this for my meditation practice because it provides motivational challenges and rewards to encourage building a regular practice. With meditation, consistency is king, so you’ll want a device that challenges and encourages a steady practice. That is why I am excited with this Muse Meditation Headband.

Muse is worn over the ears and connects to a companion mobile app via Bluetooth. The device uses biofeedback to inform the wearer about their brain states. As the device monitors your brain activity, the app takes that activity and provides audible feedback to the wearer. A relaxed brain state will be communicated to the wearer by the sound of tweeting birds. More active brain states not associated with meditative states will be communicated with storm sounds. The developers claim that using the headband helps wearers reach a deeply relaxed state.

My biggest issue with the Muse headband is that you have to remain still while wearing it. This isn’t a huge issue, as most of the time people do sit still when they’re meditating, but the biofeedback provided by Muse would be great during other activities, like exercise.

Muse is priced at $249 but that includes the headband as well as a fully unlocked app. You won’t have to pay more to access the data tracking or other features within the app, which is great. This is a large investment, but if you’re serious about training your brain, it’s well worth it.

Yes. This Muse Meditation Headband Review is absolutely Navy SEAL-approved. This device is a standout product for how it translates mental states into useable feedback, but what really puts this one over the top is the way it starts you off with small sessions and challenges and encourages you to meditate better and longer. Before long, you’ll have regular, effective meditation practice.

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The Muse Meditation Headband Review
The Muse Meditation Headband Review
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